About Xact

Xact is currently the largest issuer of ETFs in the Nordics. We develop exchange-traded funds with varying levels of risk and different focus areas – and always at a low cost. We focus on the Nordic stock exchanges and when you invest with Xact ETFs, we offer solutions to stock market upturns as well as downturns, large and small companies, smart beta and interest rates. Since all of our products are traded on the stock exchange, you can quickly change your portfolio whenever necessary. We think this is a wise way to invest.

Sustainability is a key issue for us. Thus, we offer several funds with sustainability criteria. We also act as shareholders in all of our equity funds by voting at general meetings, and when necessary, engage in dialogues with companies on sustainability issues.

Our history

Xact launched the first ETF in the Nordics back in the year 2000 when Xact OMXS30 was listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. We also became the first issuer in the world to provide exchange-traded funds with leverage, when XACT Bull and XACT Bear were launched in 2005. Our objective is to continuously develop new and relevant funds with transparent indexes and strategies that are easy to understand.

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